About Me

My academic background is in history. My career is in philanthropy. You’ll learn the rest through my pieces.

I grew up reading books that came from a time when it wasn’t common to know what the author looked like, and their literary reputation was based off of the quality of their work.

That being said, please pardon the Spartan-style approach to my page. I don’t want it to be about aesthetics, I want it to be about the content which I hope will be engaging on its own. I have enough going on in my head without having to overthink whether or not my homepage and backgrounds immediately captivate and enthrall your eyes. I want the content to engage your mind and your heart.

I love connecting with new people, and expanding my scopes of perception and perspective. Please feel free to chat and share your thoughts by emailing me at: unconsciouslyawake46@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Instagram at: @ericcorbie.