The Businessmen’s Goodbye by Catrin Welz-Stein/ via Society6

The following is a poem that I wrote shortly before graduating from high school. I’m sure it was written as either an English or Creative Writing assignment. From a first glance I see that it has 14 lines and has an ABCD rhyme scheme with an AA couplet at the end, so it’s possible that I was going for some kind of variation of a sonnet. Perhaps that is something that you as the reader may be able to more easily determine.

Although it is more of a time-specific piece, I find gems and reminders in it that are not out of place for me currently. It amazes me how when we truly take the time to listen to our hearts, what treasures we are able to draw from them.


  Although one stage of life is ending, another one begins

           I must unwillingly relinquish my hold on my childhood gold

            The days when the sun shone brightly, steady and everlasting

            And rain never mirrored my sadness, nor exposed my fears

            Maturity, now initiated, may relieve me of my sins

            I look forward to new obstacles if I may be so bold

            The past remains precious, untainted, yet contrasting

            Compared to the unknown of the future, grinding are the gears

            Of the clock known as Time, mortality never wins

            Though bright days are ahead and happiness cannot be sold

            I understand that with fortune comes misfortune, with every feast there is fasting

            I think of my future as I say goodbye to my peers

            Good luck in achieving your dreams

            May happiness encompass you in its heavenly beams


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